6 Reasons Yoga is a By Product of Weight Loss

Yoga may not be the obvious choice for weight loss but it can actually be a great way to lose pounds safely. If you’ve ever felt frustrated with the state of your body and stubborn fat won’t melt away, you may want to try a new way. While a Tough Mudder training and competition may transform your body, it might be too hard on your joints. Injuries hold you back and ruin your whole weight loss plan.

Yoga doesn’t traditionally burn a lot of calories but it has other means to help you lose weight. Through the power of your mind and the yogic lifestyle that promotes a healthier way of living, you may find that yoga can do what even aerobic exercises can’t do for you. You’ve seen the yoga instructors, they have bodies like a ballerina. This is through daily practice and it’s all available to you too. Here are 7 reasons why weight loss happens when you do yoga regularly.

1 Can Prevent At-Home Binge Sessions

When you’re at home alone, you’re most at risk of binging in the kitchen because you’re bored or feeling not quite right. When you have this feeling, commit to doing just one yoga pose. This small commitment makes it easier to get down on your mat, leaving the ice cream in the freezer. This is about honoring yourself and at least trying to stave off this craving.

Taking this opportunity to just be mindful of the craving while you go into your favorite pose will give you the needed separation to work past the feeling. Just one pose can come with benefits that help combat your need to sabotage your healthy efforts. You can do as many poses as you want but even if you do just one and you’re still craving, chances are you’ll be more mindful and not binge. You’ll just have a little bit of ice cream or that salty snack.

2 You’ll Eat More Slowly

A yoga practice extends to all aspects of your life, slowing down the mind which slows down everything else. There is a connection of your gut to nervous system which lets you know when you’re full. So when you eat something, your brain won’t process it for about 20 minutes. Eating really quickly means your brain isn’t able to advise you that it’s time to stop eating.

Eating more slowly helps you avoid overeating and can greatly reduce the amount of calories you eat. Mindful eating allows your body to digest food in a much healthier way so you avoid feeling lethargic. You walk away from meals feeling satisfied with your food intake.

3 Yoga Sends New Messages to the Mind

Studies have proven that the mind/body connection is powerful. Obese patients have been found to lose weight just by changing the way they think. Certain poses in yoga send messages to your mind. Poses can help you feel less stressed because they promote health at a cellular level. The body changing how the mind things causes the body to then become changed. This is the symbiotic cycle of body and mind harmonization.

Slow, intentional poses help your body to get the messages to the mind that you are relaxed. This has shown to make you less susceptible to binging when nobody is around. You can replace comfort food with yoga and your brain doesn’t see it as a sacrifice. Something also happens with all this relaxation. You become more open hearted which means you’re less likely to crave foods that are high in salt, fat, and sugar.

4 Yoga Alleviates Diet Pressure that Causes You to Relapse

Diets don’t usually work because it creates a greater desire for foods you can’t eat. We always want what we can’t have and food is no different. If you’re in the middle of a strict diet and you experience an emotional situation, you’re likely to then binge. Drastic cleanses and cutting out of foods can cause a sense of restriction that you’ll naturally want to rebel against.

Much of the time, the comfort foods that are highest in calories are like a Bandaid to our emotional wounds. If you’re really shy and you feel socially awkward, you might grab a donut in some bazaar belief that it can save you or get rid of that feeling. So you’ve now covered up your wound with food you told yourself you wouldn’t eat. Then you feel awful which probably makes you eat a second donut.

Well…all of this could have likely been avoided if you were doing yoga and dealing with your past wounds. All you have to do is go through the motions of learning yoga poses and the internal work happens. In the midst of dealing with your old wounds that wreak havoc on your adult life, you can learn to cope with the emotions that arise. The tools you learn from yoga will help you let go of stories that cause you to self-destruct.

5 Yoga and the Self-Love

When you do yoga, you get a multitude of benefits for your mind, body, and soul. Altogether, they create an effect of fulfillment in your life. The practice has been around for thousands of years and used as medicine before there was pharmaceutical companies.

Yoga will support your needs and you will find a love for yourself that can combat self destructive patterns. As your mind begins to change and your personal goals and desires realign, the body will fall into place. There’s no way it can’t. We are ruled by our minds and our hearts. Yoga helps you to feel lighter in your soul which gives you more energy.

You begin to feel genuinely more happy in your life and appreciate yourself. If you really fall in love with yourself, you will accept your body as it is. The thing is, that is a profound effect. Not beating yourself up over extra pounds will help get rid of them much faster.

6 Letting Go of Negative Emotions Burns Belly Fat

The gentlest and easiest poses can have a surprising indirect effect on belly fat. Fat over your abdominals is hard to get rid of. It’s often sticking onto your belly because of stress, a physical manifestation of a monkey mind that won’t rest.

Breathing exercises and poses that relax the parasympathetic nervous system has a profound effect. It gets rid of a stress so the body collects less fat. Cortisol is responsible for the belly fat which rises in the body when you feel stress.

It may seem hard to believe that a gentle relaxing yoga practice that leaves you feeling great can give you a dancer’s body. Losing weight in this way is the path of least resistance. It’s relatively safe and has many other benefits than just weight loss. Practicing yoga allows you to accept yourself regardless of how many pounds you have. Your mind is free of guilt and shame that comes with trying to lose weight, perhaps one of the greatest rewards in the process. When you’re free of the guilt, you’re more likely to succeed in losing the weight anyway.



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