5 Reasons You Should Incorporate Yoga into Your Weightlifting Program

Yoga has been used for centuries to promote health. Many studies have found that there can be a great power in the body/mind gained when you practice yoga. Most people might think that yoga is just a fancy means of stretching but it actually does so much more. It can greatly contribute to a better weightlifting program without compromising your body.

The things you need to be your best through weightlifting can all be improved through yoga. This includes, balances, flexibility, core strength, mobility, and your mental will. Here are five of the reasons your weightlifting regime will benefit from yoga.

1 Balance

Yoga has many poses that will help you create a stronger core. This allows you to be more stable with your balance during weightlifting. Balance is what describes the ability to stay upright and in control of body movement. Coordination relies heavily on balance too as you have to control at least two of your body parts to maintain your center.

Yoga helps you develop both your static and dynamic balance. You need both in order to meet your lofty weightlifting goals. If the body is not in balance, some of your muscles can overcompensate for the others. This can lead to injury and also prevents you from maximizing your strength.

2 Mobility and Flexibility

Beginner’s yoga stretches that don’t serve as challenging are capable to increasing the efficiency of your range of motion. When you have a greater range of motion, you exert less energy when lifting the same amount of weights. This is because you’re utilizing the right joints and muscles for the job.

Yoga does a lot of work on your mobility in a gentle way. Deep stretches for the sciatica system is just one example of what yoga taps into. When you increase mobility, your hips, spine, shoulders, and neck become more capable of moving around to accommodate your work out. The joints stay lubricated to avoid injury.

Stretching aspects of yoga also increase your flexibility by lengthening and shortening muscles. This will prevent injury during times of weightlifting. All areas of the body are connected so if one area isn’t aligned, the rest of the body has to compensate on that area. This means it’s too busy maximizing challenges.

3 Flattens the Belly

Not only does yoga aid in core strength but you also reduce belly fat. Cortisol is a major factor on why you might not be getting rid of belly fat despite athletic efforts. It is the simplest poses that will help calm the nervous system and reduce cortisol from wreaking havoc in the bloodstream.

The less stress you experience in your life, the less fat you’ll collect in the body. Yoga is a proven way to reduce cortisol levels. So when you do focus a lot on your core along with a yoga regime, you’ll experience more noticeable effects of your efforts.

4 Creates a Change in Motivation and Positivity

Yoga brings an inner strength to your life. This is probably why it’s being used to help people get past addiction or cope with mood disorders. You can also use it for your workout. Although you are passionate about weightlifting, there are probably times of frustration where you’re not meeting your goals. Sometimes you might just want to quit.

Research proves that yoga can help you find your inner strength which allows you to be more patient through adversity. In yoga, you will concentrate your mind in certain areas. You will feed them breath so they can stretch further. This slow intention breeds mindfulness in you that allows you to find a greater motivation.

If you’ve been on your weightlifting path for quite some time, you already understand that physical strength is connected to emotional and mental strength. There is a certain level of motivation and stamina you need to get past the pain for the greater meaning. Yoga can help you gain more awareness in yourself and prevent the feeling of defeat.

5. Reduces Fatigue

Fatigue is a weightlifting killer and many of us suffer from it. Whether you have a health condition or simply don’t get enough sleep, yoga can also tend to your exhaustion and fatigue. Yoga makes you more limber and reduces muscular pain. This might be something attributing to your fatigue.

Asanas or poses that incorporate back bends or twists help the body to metabolise better. This is going to give you more energy from deep within. Through yoga poses, you also promote vitamin and nutrient absorption more effectively.

Your digestive system may also be causing you exhaustion. By squeezing abdominal organs, you hold the blood flow in this spot through specific yoga poses. When you release the pose, you cause a stronger flow of blood to go through your system. This can be an excellent way of detoxing yourself and giving yourself more energy.

For yoga to work effectively, you’ll want to practice it almost daily or at least in between your weightlifting workouts. You will begin to notice certain aspects of your workout that will highly benefit from yoga. It will be easier to incorporate any weightlifting that involves bending or lifting. Your posture will improve, preventing injury. You will likely be able to lift heavy weights quite quickly too.


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